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New Room Reservation Form

The new 2022 FCBC Member Room Reservation Form is out. Please use this form when reserving for events starting on or after Jan 1, 2022. The old form will no longer be in use.

2022 FCBC Member Reservation New revisions and usage policies to highlight:

1. * COVID Room Occupancy restrictions have been lifted and we are now at 100% room capacity. (Please exercise caution should there be a wave of high case/hospitalizations in the area)

2. Room reservation should be made by:

· 3 days prior if less than 29 participants

· 7 days prior if more than 30 participants

· 7 days prior for Gym Usage

3. Please notify Yan Mei at if there are any changes to your reservation (e.g. revised date/time, especially with recurring events, # of participants increased and exceeds the room that was reserved, etc.)

4. Please clean the room after use including taking out the trash, and return the room to its original state (stacked chairs, folded tables, etc.).

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