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English Women's Group 英語姐妹會

The English Women's Group will start a new video-based Bible study called TRUTHFILLED - The practice of preaching to yourself through every season by Ruth Chou Simons on January 17, 2021. This study will take us through the book of Colossians. Through her art and writing, Ruth helps remind us to see that we can respond to the seasons of our lives by resting in God's character, rehearsing our identity in Christ, responding in faith, and remembering His provision. Please order the book yourself online. Please email Ann Lin, for the Zoom meeting link or details.

英語姐妹會將於2021年1月17日開始錄像查經課程,《被真理充滿─向自己講道的操練》(Ruth Chou Simons) ,這套課程(連結在上面) 帶我們一覽《歌羅西書》, 幫助我們,提醒我們,可以藉由安息在上帝的品格,操練我們在基督裡的身份,以信心回應和記住祂的供應來回應我們的生活。 請自行上網訂購該書。並電郵林師母: ann.lin@friscocbc.org得知Zoom會議鏈接或詳細資訊。

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