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Spiritual Thermometer 屬靈溫度計

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt 6:21)

We use a thermometer to measure our body’s temperature. If we are running a high temperature, it tells us we have a fever. A fever is one of the indicators that we are sick.

Have you thought about how there is a spiritual thermometer? Where we put our treasure (money, investment, time, etc.) gives us a glimpse of how we are spiritually. How you spend your money and time tells you where your heart is and what is important to you.

During this pandemic period, it is a good opportunity to evaluate our hearts. Do we have God in our hearts or other things? Sometimes the “other things” are not bad themselves. But if we put them in a higher position than God, we are in big trouble.

May God teach us and continuously evaluate our hearts. May He grow our faith daily!



你曾想過屬靈溫度計嗎? 我們將我們的財寶 (金錢、投資、時間) 放在哪裡,就可以一窺我們的屬靈光景。我們如何使用時間與金錢,告訴我們的心在哪裡,甚麼是我們所重視的。

在此疫情流行之時,是最好的機會來衡量我們的心。你心中是否有神? 或者裝滿了其他的事物? 有時這些 “其他的事物” 並非壞事,但如果我們把這些事物置於神的前面,就有大麻煩了。


~Rev. Clement Woo胡嘉明牧師~

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