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Meditate on God's Word Daily 每天思想神的話語

     Unilever recently released a study of how Covid-19 affected people’s buying pattern. The demand for ice cream has increased while the demands for shampoo and deodorant have decreased. Due to this stressful environment people have not been taking care of their health that well.

      As Christians, we need to understand that health is comprised of not only physical and mental health but also spiritual health. We must take care of our health so that we can better serve God. The most important aspect of our health is our spiritual health, because when we focus on our spiritual health, both mental and physical health are affected positively from it. Just as people brush their teeth everyday to take care of their physical health, we must also meditate on God’s Word everyday to take care of our spiritual health. We must meditate on God’s Word daily even when we don’t feel like it, just as we brush our teeth every day regardless if we feel like brushing or not. This is a matter of health and not about how we feel about things. We must choose to discipline ourselves to do it, for the sake of our spiritual health.

      How to meditate on God’s Word daily:

  1. Schedule an appointment with God, preferably first thing in the morning. We schedule a time with God to show that He is important in our lives and not giving Him leftover free time.

  2. Systematically read through a book of the Bible to understand the flow of story better. Devotionals are good but nothing beats reading the Bible itself. I recommend starting with one of the four Gospels.

  3. Always pray first before reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand God’s Word.

  4. Meditate on every word SLOWLY. Read only a passage or at most 1 chapter per sitting. It is not advisable to read more than a chapter; it is like taking a shower for more than an hour. It is not beneficial.

  5. Prayer of recap and application after reading. Praise God for what you’ve learned and ask the Holy Spirit to help you apply it in your life.

  6. Do it for 90 days straight and experience God transforming your life. Studies show that it takes 90 days straight to develop lifelong habits.

1 Timothy 4:7-8

…train yourself for godliness. For physical exercise has some value, but godliness is valuable in every way. It holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.




  1. 與上帝約會,最好是早晨起床的第一件事。我們安排與神相交的時間,表明祂在我們的生活中很重要,而不是將剩餘的空閒時間給祂。

  2. 有系統的通讀聖經,以全面理解故事的進展。靈修小品很好,但不能與直接閱讀聖經相比,我建議從四本福音書開始閱讀。

  3. 讀經前請務必先禱告。求聖靈幫助我們明白神的話。

  4. 慢慢思想每個字,每次只讀一段經文,最多一章。不建議讀多於一章,就像洗個澡一個多小時。這是沒有好處的。

  5. 讀經後以禱告回應並實際應用。為所學到的真理讚美神,並懇求聖靈幫助以活出真理。

  6. 連續做90天,經歷上帝改變你的生命。研究顯示,需要90天才能養成新的生活習慣。



~Min. David Or 柯啟洋傳道~

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