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Mandarin Sisters’ Group 國語姐妹會

Mandarin Sisters Group will start the Precept upon Precept Bible Study of Leviticus and Numbers during Spring 2021. Please email sistersgroup@friscocbc.org ASAP for registration and purchasing the Bible study workbooks. Time is at 9:30am-12:00pm on Tuesdays. You will get to know God, the covenant keeper, who saved His people from the bondage of Egypt, who led and taught them how to worship Him in the proper way so that you can get closer to Him and live a life after His heart.

國語姐妹會將接續今年的《出埃及記》,2021春季將查考《利未記》及《民數記》,我們繼續使用恩言善導進深研經教材,請有興趣的姊妹盡速電郵 sistersgroup@friscocbc.org報名以便購買教材。聚會時間為週二上午9:30am-12:00pm。你將會認識這位守約的神,帶領祂的子民,脫離埃及的轄制,如何在地上靠近這位至聖者,用正確的態度敬拜祂,過合神心意的生活。

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