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Imprisoned for Christ 烈士之聲見證會

We encourage you to attend FREE virtual event on Friday, March 5, 2021, hosted by The Voice of the Martyrs. Time is 6:30pm -10:00pm. All in English. While sharing God’s love in three different restricted nations dominated by Islam, each was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned. All three speakers struggled to find God’s purpose in their suffering, they ultimately recognized His faithfulness and love amid desperate circumstances. In addition to their firsthand testimonies, you will enjoy an engaging panel discussion moderated by VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton as well as inspiring worship music from Dove Award–winning artist Natalie Grant. For details and registration, please visit the website:

歡迎參加3月5日(星期五)由烈士之聲主辦的免費網上聚會, 時間是6:30 pm -10:00pm,全程為英文。 三位講員曾在伊斯蘭教國家中分享基督的愛,都被逮捕、審問和監禁。他們在苦難中尋求上帝美意,最終在絕望的環境中認識了上帝的信實與慈愛。 除了第一手的見證外,還有小組討論,以及激勵人心的敬拜音樂。 詳情和註冊請訪問網站:

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