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Forgive 饒恕

 “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” ~Matt. 5:44 (NIV)~

When someone hurts you, you just want to hurt them back. Why would Jesus command us to love someone who has hurt us? When Jesus was on the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Jesus always forgives, but He does not stop with forgiveness, He wants you to learn to respond to evil with good and bless those who have hurt you. He wants you to pray for their good. Why would you do that?

When you have the mind of Christ, you are free to forgive and bless. When you have the mind of the world, you live in the pain of the past. You soak and you sour. You become bitter and resentful. It’s like drinking poison and hoping it hurts the other person. Christ wants you to move forward in life and not live in the pain of the past. That’s the hope of our salvation.


人在受傷害時只想同樣以傷害來懲罰對方。為甚麼耶穌命令我們愛那傷害我們的人? 耶穌在十字架上時,祂說:「父啊!赦免他們;因為他們所做的,他們不曉得。」 (路加福音23:34)

耶穌總是饒恕,但是祂不僅停在饒恕,祂希望我們學會以善報惡,祝福那些傷害我們的人。 祂希望我們為對方的益處禱告,為什麼要這麼做?

當你有了基督的心思意念時,你就有自由能夠饒恕和祝福。當你有著世界的想法時,你就活在過去的痛苦中。你沉浸在自己的酸楚中,變得苦毒怨恨。 如同喝了毒藥,也希望以此毒害對方。基督希望你在生活中前進,而不是活在過去的痛苦中。那就是我們得救的希望。 

Rev. Jireh Lin 林以勒牧師~

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