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Being a Real Friend 成為真正朋友

Job 6:14 (GW)

“A friend should treat a troubled person kindly, even if he abandons the fear of the Almighty.”

Do you know the Bible says that even when people turn their backs on God, they still deserve to have friends?

A real friend shows up when you’re in a crisis. If you’re not sure who your real friends are, wait until your next crisis. Your acquaintances may disappear pretty quickly. But your real friends will keep showing up no matter what.

This past week our church witnessed “real friendship” in action. Many people lost electric power and some even had water pipes burst, but we witnessed Christian brothers and sisters in action as they invited those who lost power to stay in their homes. One family even had a fire in their apartment complex and had to evacuate immediately but found refuge at church and then at a friend’s house.

The first thing everybody needs in a crisis is other people. You need a support group—mature Christian brothers and sisters who will love you, care for you, comfort you, encourage you, support you, meet your needs, and counsel you.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But wait a minute! Don’t you need to pray first in a crisis rather than turn to other people?” Well, yes, that’s great if you can. But the truth is that in a crisis you’re often in so much stress and shock that you don’t even know what to pray. It’s at that point that you need other people praying for you.

You need your real friends to say, “We’ll pray for you. We’ll believe for you. We’ll be there for you. No matter what.”

Choose to be a true friend to your Christian brothers and sisters in crisis today. And when you go through hard times, you’ll find yourself held up by those same people.

「那將要灰心、離棄全能者、不敬畏 神的人,他的朋友當以慈愛待他。」(約伯記6:14)








Rev. Jireh Lin 林以勒牧師

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