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2020 Offering and Contribution Statement 本年度奉獻收據

For Offering to be counted as 2020 contribution, the last day for in person cash/check offering is Sunday, Dec. 27. For Zelle or PayPal contributions, the last day is December 23. All 2020 Contribution Statements will be mailed to the address on file. If you have a new address or prefer to have your statement emailed to you, please fill out this form by December 31, 2020. Thank you! If you have questions, please email offering_desk@friscocbc.org.

計入2020年度的奉獻,親自現金/支票產品的最後截止日為主日12月27日;Zelle或PayPal捐款最後截止日是12月23日。2020年奉獻收據將郵寄至您家住址。如果您的住址有變更、或希望透過電郵寄送奉獻收據,請於12月31日之前填寫此表格 謝謝!

如有疑問請聯繫 offering_desk@friscocbc.org.

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