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守神的命令 Keeping God's Commands






In the sight of God, who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus, who while testifying before Pontius Pilate made the good confession, I charge you to keep this command without spot or blame until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, (1 Timothy 6:13-14)

The Apostle Paul commanded believers before God and Jesus Christ in this passage. He knew the God who created and reigned over the universe and also adored Jesus Christ who was the Word became flesh and equal to God. Paul did not command this based on himself, but according to the Word of God. God’s commands are proclaimed through the apostles and prophets, who were God’s spokespersons on earth and had authority from God. Today the church must read the apostolic epistles, whose status is equal to the command of Jesus in the Gospel. Nowadays, the elders, pastors, teachers, and leaders of the church are also selected and called by God to have the role of prophet and apostle in preaching and teaching, rather than having the role of prophet and apostle. Therefore, church leaders must strictly abide by the teachings of the Bible and cannot add or delete them according to their own ideas.

The king’s command helps the country to be stable and peaceful, the general’s command helps the army win the battles, and God’s command can make the lives of God’s people mature and holy, beyond reproach. The king of heaven gave commands through the Bible, through the teaching of the apostles and prophets; all who believe and obey will be saved. Therefore, the people of the kingdom of heaven should always read the scriptures, follow God's commands, and obey the Lord Jesus' commands as their first priority.

The difference between obeying commands and keeping commands lies in its timing. Obeying commands is a one-time thing, while keeping commands is a long-term continuous action until the day when the Lord Jesus returns. From 1 Timothy 6:14, the time of keeping the command lasts until the Lord Jesus appears; while the result of keeping the command will be a life without defilement or blame—this is a mature life. The more you keep commands, the more mature you are; and the more mature you are, the more you will keep commands. Those who are spiritually immature refuse to keep commands, and those who refuse to keep commands cannot be mature spiritually, getting farther and farther away from the standard of being blameless. Therefore, don’t stop seeking God’s commands because of the unreachable standard and the difficulty of God’s commands. Instead, you should keep pursuing God, relying on the Holy Spirit, holding on firmly, living in Christ by faith and love. (2 Timothy 1:13-14)

Therefore, do not lose faith due to changes in the world and do not become lazy and laid back due to the pandemic. Instead, we must always keep commands and hold on firmly, because our true hope is the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. This world is going to pass soon. In the face of changes in political parties, whether the situation is good or bad, and the epidemic changes, we can only respond to all changes in the same manner: trust in Christ, keep His commands, live out faith and love, be full of hope, because the Lord will be coming again soon.

Rev. Benguang Du 都本光牧師~

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