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國語夏季成人主日學—箴言書 Mandarin Summer Sunday School “Proverbs”

國語夏季成人主日學將查考箴言書,於6月7日開始,每主日上午11:15-12:15,由徐國雄老師主講,仍上網聚會,歡迎國語堂弟兄姊妹踴躍參加,學習神的話語。詳情請查看附件國語主日學箴言書簡介PDF檔案。上網如有任何疑問請聯絡丁偉仁弟兄: weiren.ding@friscocbc.org

Topic: Proverbs;  Starts on 6/7; Time: Sundays 11:15am-12:15fpm; Teacher: Allen Hsu; Meet on Zoom. Welcome those who speak Mandarin Chinese to study God’s Word together. Please see the PDF for details. Contact Weiren Ding, weiren.ding@friscocbc.org for Zoom meeting details.

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