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你真的禱告嗎? Do you really pray?








Do you really pray?

" This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,’”  (Matt. 6:9)

      Our Lord Jesus taught His followers how to pray in the Sermon on the Mount. This verse is a witness that the Lord Jesus is the only beloved Son of God to His chosen disciples in His three-year ministry on earth. It also shows that God’s children may maintain a close relationship with God the Father through prayer.   Jesus is the Lord of prayer; He gave a testimony of prayer to His disciples. He told His disciples who follow Him, "Therefore, pray like this: Our Father in heaven: May all honor your name."  We, too, are disciples of the Lord Jesus. Have we heard? Have we prayed?

      "This is how you pray"- “You” means all those who believe in Christ and have received the grace of salvation. These people were called Christians for the first time in the book of Acts. (Acts 11:26) Christians are those who believe that the Lord Christ can forgive sins and make people holy. They are those who obey the Lord Jesus' commands, follow in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus, and walk the path of sanctification. They are those who believe that the Lord Jesus is life, the way, and the truth, and commit themselves to imitate the Lord Jesus. Such people will definitely gather in the church that the Lord Jesus built with His own body, praising Him, worshiping Him, fellowshipping with the Lord in prayer, and walking with the Lord. Through prayer, testifying a life that belongs to God. Are you a Christian? Do you pray? Do you really pray?

      What should we pray for? “Hallowed by your name.” Prayer should honor God, glorify God, testify that the Lord Jesus Christ has led us to the Father through our faith before God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only beloved Son of God. He loves us. Through His blood shed on the cross, He cleansed us of our sins and took away the wrath of God the Father. Therefore, it enables us to come to the Lord's throne of mercy without fear and pray, "Our Father in heaven." In this way, we bear witness of our status as children of God. The Lord Christ uses His body as the mediator to build a bridge between the Father and the Son for us. Through this kind of relationship, He changed our identity, changed our status, changed our value, changed our view of the world and the universe. We became children of God the Father. Do you pray to God the Father? Do you really pray?

     What should we pray for? Words that honor the Lord, glorify the Lord for His holiness. "Hallowed be your name." This is the desire of the person who prays. It comes from the mouth of a child of God. "Hallowed be your name" testifies to the gratitude and reverence from the creation to the Creator. It testifies that we are set apart by the Lord Jesus. Because of the grace of the Lord Christ, we can live a life that honors the Lord's name. A life that honors the name of the Lord is a life of prayer. Do you regard the name of the Lord as holy? Do you pray for this? Do you really pray?

      The hymn sings the life of prayer: "Prayer rests the weary and turns darkness into day. When life is miserable and lonely, do not forget to pray."

"Prayer is an action that separates the Red Sea." (J.I. “Packer:  Praying--Finding Our Way through Duty to Delight)

Rev. Benguang Du  都本光牧師~

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